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Halitosis , the medical term for bad breath is a something everyone detests. It is primarily caused by poor dental hygiene but can also be a sign of some underlying health issue. An unhealthy lifestyle makes the situation worse. Smoking, pan masala chewing and alcohol contribute to this problem and only worsens it.


Digestion in Humans begins right from the mouth. The food begins to break down when it comes in contact with saliva and until the food has been digested the smell remains. Some food items like onions and garlic which has a very strong odour add to the bad breath. Brushing, Flossing or using mouthwash can temporarily cover the smell.

There are many ways to prevent Bad Breath:

Brush your teeth properlyBrushing teeth twice a day is the best defense against bad breath. Cleaning the Tongue is as much important as brushing your teeth.  During the course of the day the tongue accumulates lots of bacteria which can cause Bad breath.


Floss your teethFlossing is another important component to good mouth health. Flossing removes the plaque and bacteria build-up from between your teeth, which even the best toothbrushes can’t get rid of. Do this at least once a day before going to bed. One can also use a water floss which is a motorized water flusher , to clean between the teeth by a jet stream.


Get regular dental check-ups: Going to the dentist is important to maintaining your oral health, a primary factor in bad breath. A dentist, or dental hygienist, will perform a thorough cleaning of your teeth, gums, and mouth. Missing out on Dental Appointments is never a good idea. A yearly once ultrasonic scaling and polishing of the teeth is highly recommended.


Drink lots of Water: Coffee, Soda or Alcohol contribute greatly to the built of bad odour from the mouth. Drinking lots of water prevents your mouth from getting dry and washes away the food residue in the mouth which builds up the Bacteria.


Use a mouth rinse: Keep in mind that if a health problem is the cause of chronic bad breath, a mouth rinse will only mask the odor and not cure it.  If the problem persists one should immediately seek medical assistance.


Eat Food Items that Are rich in Fibre: Fresh, fibrous and Crunchy food helps you keep the mouth clean and also prevent bad breath. Keeping away from Sugary Snacks is good for health. Tea, coffee and Acidic drinks should be taken in moderation.


Cavity which is also called as tooth decay is one of the most common dental problems across the world. Most of the individuals have cavities in their mouth. So it’s important to know the nature of cavities and how to get rid of them. A cavity occurs when certain micro-organisms release acids in the mouth by reacting on the food particles deposited on the teeth. So it is always recommended to keep the teeth clean and brush, floss on regular basis.For more details please log in to www.aesthetica.co.in

Cavities can occur on any part of the tooth. Usually the cavities can be seen on the occlusal surfaces of the teeth. This is due to the fact that most of the food gets lodged in the occlusal part of the teeth at the time of mastication. Moreover, food particles which get trapped in between two teeth also cause formation of the cavities if proper oral hygiene is not maintained. Cavities if not treated on time can eventually lead to the degradation of natural tooth and finally loss of tooth. So it’s very crucial to treat the cavities on time.Cavities can occur at any age depending on the diet and oral hygiene habits. If an individual consumes lots of sugary foods or acidic beverages on regular basis then that individual is more likely to have cavities. For this one must take care of the eating habits and develop proper oral hygiene habits, thus following them on regular basis

The treatment for the cavities is basically a filling. The carious part of the tooth is removed and then the filling is done. Now, fillings are of various types depending on the restoration material used by the dentist. Silver amalgam and tooth colored materials like composites are some of the most common restorative materials used by dentists all over the world. Silver amalgam has good strength. They are considered better for the posterior teeth i.e. back teeth as they have low esthetic features. The anterior teeth i.e. front teeth are usually done by the composites as patients usually prefer the esthetic property of the restoration than the strength property. So, tooth colored materials are ideal for such teeth. Before restoration most of the times a base is applied on the floor of the cavity to protect the pulp to eliminate undercuts if present as well as reduce the bulk of metallic restoration done in the tooth. Polycarboxylate cement, zinc oxide eugenol cement as well as glass ionomer cement are some of the commonly used cements. Glass ionomer liquid which comprises of the polyacrylic acid is also used for cavity conditioning.After the cavity is filled, the patient is asked not to eat or drink anything for at least an hour. If the restoration is not done properly then there can be fracture if high points are present after restoration. So the patient is asked to close the mouth and act in the mastication activity to determine if there are any high points. If the patient feels discomfort then the restoration is properly burnished and carved to remove the excess restoration l.dental-caries tooth-decay-risk-350