Beauty isn’t only skin deep. It extends all the way into the innermost working of a human body – or if you prefer, it starts at the anatomic level and radiates outward to the surface. Either way, Kolkata based oral and maxillo facial surgeon, Dr Kamlesh Kothari embraces the notion that beauty and health are inextricably linked which is why he has come up with a facility calledAESTHETICA

Described by Dr Kothari as “the first aesthetic studio in Kolkata focusing entirely on head and neck region”, AESTHETICA brings together a team of young dynamic medical and surgical practitioners from diverse health fields under a single roof with the sole aim of providing holistic facial (surgical/non surgical) and dental care and creating a synergy among the treatments.

AESTHETICA is a boutique clinic where patients will find fully integrated aesthetic services in an environment conducive to both the doctor and the patient. At AESTHETICA, you fly first class with surgery and therapy from friendly, professional, attentive staff in fresh, new premises created with an eye for beauty.