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Facial Trauma

Facial trauma is also known as maxillofacial trauma. It is basically, any physical trauma to the face. Some of the most common causes of facial trauma are vehicle crashers, sports injuries, falls and assaults. Blows from objects as well as war time injuries can cause facial trauma. Work related injuries, animal injuries also cause facial trauma. Vehicle accidents or crashes are one of the most common causes of facial trauma in the recent times.For more details,please login to www.aesthetica.co.in

Signs and symptoms of facial trauma are quite visible. The area affected is usually swollen, bruised and easily diagnosed. In severe cases, the facial bones are affected and even fractures can occur. Normal functioning of nose and mouth are affected. Some teeth are also broken in many cases. Double vision occurs in the patient due to the swelling around eyes and improper eye functioning. Fractures of nose, maxilla or base of skull can be present along with profuse nosebleeds. Many of the times, the cheekbone depression can be seen which indicates that there is a chance of some facial bone fracture which can be detected with the help of radiographs.

When the patient arrives at the dental clinic, the dentist examines the patient. This is done checking the presence of bleeding, lacerations, damage to the normal structure of the face. Diagnosis of facial trauma is usually made with radiography. This is accompanied by angiography in order to locate the areas of bleeding initiation. This is useful in cases where there are more chances of profuse bleeding with the occurrence of fractures. CT scan is recommended when complex bones and tissues are involved in the fractures. This helps in the understanding the case clearly and determine the right treatment for the patient. Moreover, CT scan is actually the best in order to detect the facial trauma.

Facial trauma can be categorized according to the occurrence in the children or adults. This is due to the fact that both of the facial traumas are different as children don’t have fully developed face. So special care is taken by the doctors so that there is no complication in future and the healing can take place along with the growth of the face of the child. Facial trauma is much less common in children. Less than 5 percent of the children are affected by the facial trauma. Even if it occurs the main cause is falling on the ground or some place usually while playing. For children who are above 5 years of age, vehicle accidents are one of the main causes. But due to various preventive measures taken like correct usage of car seats and seat belts.

Treatment of facial trauma is done by focusing mainly on the esthetics as well as functioning of the parts affected. Most important aim is to control bleeding. This is done by the surgeon by taking proper measures at the time of surgery. Care is taken to prevent any obstruction in the airway of the patient. One this is done then broken bone segments are fixed with the help of titanium plates and screws. Treating the fracture and leaving the minimal scars to make the esthetically confident. Doctor should be alert and immediate treatment action must be taken to avoid any complications.


Facial Reconstruction

Facial reconstruction is an important aspect of maxillofacial surgery. When any serious facial problem occurs with the patient then the dentists and surgeon prefer for a facial reconstruction procedure. This helps in restoring the precious features and modifying the present condition by turning the appearance of the patient into a positive one. Facial reconstruction is quite common nowadays with various options available to the patients. The advancement of technology in the field of dentistry has made most of the procedures much easier than before. This motivates the patients to undergo the procedure with confidence. For facial reconstruction, experienced surgeons and dentists are appointed in order to get the best results out of the procedure.For more details,please log in to www.aesthetica.co.in

In the facial reconstruction a team of doctors is appointed which includes plastic surgeons, neurosurgeons and dentists. The procedure usually involves a lot of complications, so the specialists ensure that if any emergency comes up then it can be handled in the minimum time and successfully accomplished. The procedure is very sensitive and can take hours. So to be on the safer side, general anesthesia is given to the patient so as to keep the patient unconscious confirmatively during the whole procedure. The time duration can extend till several hours due to the in depth procedure done by the specialists. As the results are usually much appreciable the hard work given by the team during the procedure is also worth appreciation. The blood supply and tissues of the areas are properly checked and then brought according to the anatomy and functioning ability. When the cases are very complicated involving vital organs then it becomes important for the team to hold patience and then carry out the procedure.

Bone grafting is a commonly done procedure which ensures that the bone loss in the facial region. Bone pieces are taken from the body of the individual. During the procedure bone cut is also done. So prevent the deterioration of the area in which the anatomical structures have been brought to normal condition. Facial reconstruction is very important as the brain in the head is near to the facial structures. Any mistake in the procedure can threaten the life of the patient. So, extreme care is taken by the team of doctors so as to complete the procedure successfully without harming the patient.

The facial reconstruction procedure can lead to the adverse effects like swelling of neck, mouth or face. This can continue for few weeks. The airway of the patient is blocked. So tracheostomy is done on temporary basis. This provides a help to the patient to breath properly. There are risks which are associated with this procedure. So, care must be taken that the patient is not harmed by any step as a small mistake can cost the life of the patient. Facial reconstruction is boon to the patients who wan their esthetics back.Complications of the procedure can be commonly seen in patients having smoking habits, poor nutrition, and nerve damage in the past and poor blood circulation.facial-reconstruction11

Facial Deformity

Facial deformity is the status of the patient in which the normal anatomical structures of the patient have changed aesthetically as well as functionally. Facial deformity is quite commonly used in maxillofacial surgery.For more details,please log in to www.aesthetica.co.in

Some of the main causes of facial deformity are genetic factors, damage to the fetus during the gestation period, various bone disorders like arthritis, surgeries involving massive exposure of anatomical structures of the body as well as hormone disorder. Cleft lip, cleft palate, severe burns, Treacher Collins syndrome, road traffic accidents, penetrating injury as well as maxillary hypoplasia are the medical conditions which have been seen to be causative factors of facial deformity. Most of these medical conditions have facial deformity as a prime clinical feature. The areas of the facial deformity vary from one medical condition to the other. The area affected is closely related to the causative factor of the facial deformity.

The symptoms of facial deformities can be prominently seen in the patient who has suffered from the above factors. Any abnormalities in the normal features of the human being are considered to be in facial deformity. Moreover, many of the facial deformities are congenital in nature. These facial deformities are present from the time of birth. For instance, cleft lip and cleft palate can be seen and diagnosed just by seeing the newborn just after the birth. The patient is then referred to the dentists for the further treatment in order to avoid any further complications in future. When a facial deformity is caused due to over exposure to radiations for long period of time, then the symptoms will be more superficial. The severity will vary according to the patient’s condition ad affect from the environmental factors.The dentist or physician checks the facial deformity in detail. A good medical history is taken in order to find out some clues and hints which may have been a strong link for the patient’s condition. Many a times, some of the diagnostic points can be found out easily with the help of thorough analysis of the patient. Diagnosis of facial deformities can be done with the radiographs in order to find the cause of the deformity in detail. Radiographs show any internal problem in the affected area. This helps a lot in the whole treatment plan of the patient.

Facial deformities are associated with cases of mortalities which are actually possible in the cases of the patients who have severe facial deformities, chances of getting infectious diseases, increased susceptibility to injuries as well as affect on vital organs.Facial deformities are actually a state of discomfort for the patient suffering with it. So it’s important for the dentist to understand the patient’s psychological state and treat him the best in the least possible time. This will help the patient to gain confidence. Surgery of the affected area is done in order to correct the defects..ContempClinDent_2011_2_3_245_86480_f2 1290577788


Smile Designing in kolkataEvery person is unique, and so is their smile. A smile serves as an invitation to our fellow human beings to get to know us. Stars show us how it’s done: Julia Roberts, George Clooney, etc., have particularly attractive smiles. Not everyone is naturally blessed with beautiful, even, white teeth. Do you only smile and laugh with your hand covering your mouth or with your lips closed? This can be a thing of the past now. Smile and laugh spontaneously, joyously, confidently, and in a relaxed way. Smile designing in Kolkata however has not become that wide. You may come across some prominent orthodontists who are equipped with the knowledge of the same. Hence, you should be extra careful while selecting the expert who can do the job safely without hampering your face and mouth. For finding out an expert, you can refer to internet, or can take recommendations from friends or relatives.

We live in a beauty conscious society. No wonder, the smile on the face adds to one’s charms & beauty but it has a more important role of improving one’s self-image. It is rightly said that smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

SMILE DESIGNING is a process whereby complete oral hard and soft tissues are studied and certain changes are brought about which will have a positive influence on overall esthetics of face. One of the greatest assets a person can have is a smile that shows beautiful natural teeth.

Smile designing procedures are essential for smiles that are defective, unappealing or ugly. The defects may lie in the colour or shape of the teeth. Defects or excessive visibility of the supporting gums can also contribute to ugly smiles.

  • Veneers-a thin strong shell of tooth colours ceramic to cover stained or misshapen teeth.
  • Zirconia crowns-state of the art material for cosmetic dental treatment
  • Ceramics-replaces tooth coloured portion of the crown
  • Instant tooth whitening-dental bleaching to whiten and add sparkle to the smile instantly
    chipped teeth-to correct partially broken teeth exactly like earlier natural teeth with a process called bonding.
  • Gap closure-commonly done to correct ugly spaces between teeth
    tooth contouring-to re contour the teeth aesthetically into an appealing smile
    computer guided analysis-smile analysis for advanced cases
  • Laser gum contouring-for gummy smiles or dark gums that show up on smiling are used to enhance ones smile.
  • Smile makeover-a mixture of various above techniques, mainly used as a bridal smile makeover

Smile Designing in kolkataModern advances in orthodontic (braces) treatment

The best way to treat crooked & overlapping teeth; protruded teeth; and teeth with large spaces in between is by wearing braces for some time (also known as orthodontic treatment).

Orthodontic treatment allows teeth to be gradually moved to the position in your mouth so as to best compliment your face and once your braces are off you are ready to flash your best possible smile.

This treatment has come a long way from earlier days and now you have a wide range of braces to choose from. Miniature stainless brackets which can have changeable coloured rings on them are a favourite with school kids. Other prefers to wear polycrystalline ceramic braces which are white in colour & match with the tooth colour. Mono crystalline ceramic braces are completely transparent & offer the highest degree of esthetics.

For the even more discerning we have on offer state of the art lingual braces which are fitted on the inner side of the teeth and are hence not visible even on close range. Minor corrections can also be achieved with invisible aligners.

All braces are stuck to teeth with special adhesives/glue and the entire process of treatment is painless, very comfortable & quick with no restrictions in normal lifestyle. Contrary to popular belief, Braces treatment can be undertaken at any age and even though most patients are teenagers & young adults.

Smile Designing in kolkataAdjunctive treatments

Adjective procedures like lip augmentation, wrinkle removal with fillers and Botox, skin polishing, laser hair removal, laser skin rejuvenation are the available therapies to correct and brighten your look. Increasingly, older people are now choosing to have what they missed out at a younger age-a beautiful, confident smile.


Dr Kamlesh Kothari is an Oro-Facial Plastic Surgeon- and Dental Implantologist is the Head of the Department –Facio-Maxillary Surgery-at Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata.

He can be contacted at Aesthetica – Facial cosmetic surgery and dental implant clinic

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Dental Implants – Fixed teeth for LifeSome tortures are physical and some are mental, but the one that is both is dental. The world always looks brighter from behind a smile……………..

A smile creates happiness at home, fosters good will in business and is the countersign of friendship. Investing in a good bite and a pleasing smile is the need of modern healthy life.

A dental implant is a “root” device, usually made of titanium, used in dentistry to support restorations that resemble a tooth or group of teeth to replace missing teeth.

Once a tooth is lost, the bone around the root of the missing tooth gradually recedes causing poor tooth alignment and an aged look. Dental implants prevent this loss of bone and shifting of teeth, maintaining the facial structure and prevent the collapsed look of the face – usually seen in old age.

Alternate options of missing teeth replacement are fraught with problems. A dental bridge requires grinding of the enamel (the hardest substance in the body) which weakens otherwise healthy teeth. Till implants were invented, millions of people had to endure removable dentures with a host of problems like loose fit, pain, falling out of dentures while eating, talking or sneezing. Many denture wearers become social recluses due to embarrassment of ill-fitting dentures. But today the solution is fast and easy; it takes only a few hours to get rid of problems you have been dealing for years.

The benefits of Dental Implants:-

Appearance – Dental implants are a permanent solution that look and feel natural, like your own teeth. The mouth is restored as closely as possible to its natural state. By replacing the entire tooth, including the root, it is possible to replicate the function of natural teeth, with a strong, stable foundation that allows comfortable biting and chewing. In addition, nothing in the mouth looks, or feels artificial.

Comfort – Removable dentures can irritate your gums. Implants are pain free. Implants preserve the integrity of facial structures. By preventing the bone restoration that would normally occur with the loss of teeth, the facial structures remain intact. This is particularly important when all of the teeth are missing, as the lower one-third of the face collapses if implants are not placed to preserve the bone.

Durability – Implants are durable and will last many years – a lifetime with good care. Implants preserve the integrity of facial structures. By preventing the bone restoration that would normally occur with the loss of teeth, the facial structures remain intact. This is particularly important when all of the teeth are missing, as the lower one-third of the face collapses if implants are not placed to preserve the bone.

Self-esteem – Dental implants allow you to smile with confidence, knowing your teeth look great. Restored self-esteem and renewed self-confidence. Many of the people who now enjoy the benefits of implant supported replacement teeth state that their self-esteem and self-confidence have been restored as a result of improved appearance, function, comfort, and health.

Dental Implants – Fixed teeth for LifeYou’re Smile – Your smile is improved when replacement teeth look more like natural teeth. Even when only one tooth is missing, long term esthetics are usually much better with an implant supported replacement tooth than with a traditional tooth supported bridge. This is particularly important in the front of your mouth, where preventing a visible bone defect is critical for natural appearance.

Convenience – Dental implants eliminate the inconvenience of dentures. No more removing, cleaning, or using messy adhesives to keep your dentures in place.

Speech – Ill-fitting dentures can slip and make speech difficult. Dental implants are secure, ensuring clear speech.

Eating – Chewing can be difficult with dentures. Dental implants let you eat without worries.

Oral health – Unlike a tooth-supported bridge, dental implants don’t require altering your other teeth. This leaves more of your own teeth intact, which improves your long-term oral health. Dental implants also help prevent bone loss and tooth migration, keeping your other teeth where they should be. It is much easier to care for an implant supported crown, which can be cleaned like a natural tooth. In comparison, a tooth supported bridge requires the use of floss threaded for proper cleaning. It is also more convenient to clean a full set of implant supported replacement teeth than a traditional denture.


Dr Kamlesh Kothari is an Oro-Facial Plastic Surgeon- and Dental Implantologist, is the Head of the Department –Facio-Maxillary Surgery-at Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata.

He can be contacted at Aesthetica – Facial cosmetic surgery and dental implant clinic

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