CAD-CAM is the acronym for computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing, is a revolutionizing density altogether, but it’s not a relatively new way of manufacturing commodities, for decades it has been used to manufacture precision tools, machinery parts and automobiles and for the past 20 years it has been fused with dentistry.
Dentists use the CAD-CAM technology with metal free materials to provide patients with milled ceramic crowns, veneers, inlays/onlays, bridges and dental implants.

The precision and craftsmanship of the CAD-CAM technology:

The Dental CAD-CAM technology is available for Dental clinics, laboratories enabling dentists and technicians to design tooth restoration on a computer screen.

The CAD-CAM computer displays a 3D custom-made image of your prepared tooth with the help of an optical scanner. Then the laboratory technician uses that 3D image and the CAD software to draw and design the tooth, the finesse of the designed tooth depends on the skill, precision and experience of the technician, so the designing period varies from a few minutes to hours.

Once the final design is done on the CAD computer the crown, veneer, bride or implant is milled from a single block of ceramic material in the milling chamber. The designed tooth is further given its final touches with stains and glaze to give it a more of a natural look, before being fired in an oven and then polished.

Aesthetica, the CAD-CAM specialists:

Aesthetica Dental Clinic is a chain of dental clinics in Kolkata and they are a pioneer in the dental industry with Advanced Implantology and Digital Dentistry. Their team of highly qualified and experienced Dentists who are masters at their craft, have brought the CAD-CAM technology to Kolkata and have been helping their patients with top of the line CAD-CAM crowns and implants. They prepare their CAD-CAM restoration on the same day as the appointment, and their attention to detail and precision is unmatched. They also provide alternatives such as Zirconia Crowns and PFM crowns.