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For many, after a certain age conventional removable dentures  become a part of life. A daily routine involves cleaning  and caring for dentures, feeling uncomfortable with the ill fit of it and social embarrassment of the falling out while speaking it coughing . Life has more to offer with Over Dentures that rests on your gum in a fixed manner and fits in like the real teeth.


According to the World Health Organization, edentulism is defined as a physical impairment (because important body parts have been lost), a disability (because it limits people in performing at least two essential tasks of life — speaking and eating) and a handicap (because significant changes are needed to compensate for such deficiencies). The impairment has all the characteristics of a chronic disease — is incurable and requires specific management strategies to overcome the difficulties caused by it.

What are Over Dentures?


By Definition: Over denture rests directly on your gums and is retained by implants placed into your upper and/or lower jaw. The over denture, which is removable, is secured to your implants through retentive attachments incorporated into the denture.


A more Technical definition says Over Dentures are basically dental prosthesis that replaces the lost or missing natural dentition and associated structures of maxilla and or mandible and receives partial support and stability from one or more implants .


Overdentures were developed to help both partial and fully edentulous patients regain a quality of life. Loss of Teeth affects the overall health and Confidence level.

Why Over Dentures are better than Regular Removable Dentures?


  1. Improves Digestion: Ill fitting Removable Dentures are uncomfortable while one modified natural teeth is trying to chew food.  Over Dentures are more stable which allows one to chew food normally. A well chewed food item gets easily digested by the digestive enzymes.


  1. Helps in retaining the Facial Features: Missing teeth can cause the Face look sunken and make the face look prematurely aged. Well Set over dentures can help you retain your facial features.


3) Cost : compare to full mouth fixed teeth , overdentures give the benefit of fixed teeth at reasonable cost

Who are the Possible Candidate?

 The possible candidate can be anyone who has partially or completely lost the teeth. After a careful examination the Dental Practitioners can suggest Over Denture. Ideally complete implant takes one session but careful examination is important before deciding to implant.

The overall treatment time can take a few days to a few months depending on the clinical situation.


Dentures are one of the commonly used dental procedure results in recent times. Prosthodontists are the dental specialists who specialize in making dentures for the patients. Dentures are ideally made for the replacing the missing teeth. The surrounding is made in such a way that the texture of the soft and hard tissues in the mouth still exist.For more details,please login to www.aesthetica.co.in


Dentures can be used by patients who have lost their natural teeth and desire to have artificial for proper functioning and esthetics. One must take care that there are certain conditions in which dentures cannot be placed in the mouth. For instance, if a tooth extraction is done then a patient has to wait for at least 6-8 weeks before getting an appointment for the denture done. Basically, dentures are of two types i.e. conventional dentures and fixed partial dentures. Conventional dentures include complete dentures and removable partial dentures. Fixed prosthodontics mainly involves a dental implant, crowns and bridges. Immediate dentures are the latest addition in the categories of dentures. These are applicable for both the maxillary i.e. upper arch and mandibular i.e. lower arch.

Every patient has a unique set of characteristics which are the guidelines for creating dentures. Complete dentures are made for the patients who are completely edentulous i.e. have no teeth. This can be seen in elderly patients above sixties. Such patients usually desire to have upper and lower teeth to be able to perform mouth functions like chewing. Also such patients gain confidence and are able to speak properly. The patients can easily remove the dentures whenever required as per their own comfort. Removable partial dentures are made for lesser number of teeth and fix the problems with missing teeth in a particular area. They are actually helpful in completing the dentition of the patient and providing satisfactory results. Immediate dentures are the quickest solution for replacing missing tooth. The best advantage is that they can be given to the patient right after get the tooth extracted. But one must know that as the healing period starts after the tooth is extracted, care must be taken. The denture can get loose as there is shrinkage of the bones and the gums in the particular area. So they are a temporary solution till the permanent dentures i.e. conventional or fixed dentures are made.

For a denture to be successful some of the key points to know are: support, stability, retention. These are followed by proper fit and maintaining the denture. Finally relining the denture is important. All of these properties of a denture collectively contribute to the success of a denture. Nowadays with the advancements in the dental technology, new techniques have been built up and introduced to the dental practitioners. This makes the procedure of making a denture much easier than before. The efficiency of the dentures can be known once the patients’ tell the dentists regarding their experience of the dentures. The important part is that of taking an impression of arches of the patient’s mouth. This step ensures the time taken by the dentists to complete the procedure successfully.