Dental implants are a humdrum everyday affair, really. The  5 commonly asked  questions that we encounter are usually:


1) What/When can I eat ? Can I brush over the implant area?

You can definitely indulge in soft diet (like porridge / bread / khichdi / idly / banana, etc.) on the same day of the procedure (generally 2 hours later). Forget the microwave for a while and only consume food at Room temperature or colder. Ice packs from the outside (on the cheek) corresponding to the area of the implanted tooth helps. One must avoid eating crispy foods for 10 days at least ( Toasts / pani puri / bhujia, etc.) as these can get lodged between the newly placed implant and the gum and cause infection. Indirectly, implants are actually helping you reduce calorie intake (you’re welcome!) One must brush and use a mouthwash after implant placement and avoid scrubbing the area hard . At most, a gentle stroke or firm finger massaging over the implant is just about right.

2) Can I smoke / drink after an implant?

Firstly, don’t smoke or drink at all, but ideal situation apart, One must avoid smoking and drinking for 24-48 hours after implant placement. Studies have conclusively proven that smokers have a higher risk of poor bone healing and subsequent poor implant integration into bone .

3) When can I resume office / exercise?

Good or Bad news: Implantology may not buy you an excuse to get off work! Most of the procedures in implantology are simplified today and one can join work the same day or next and rest days are rarely required (very convenient for all the workaholics, indeed). This would depend on the severity and type of procedure performed and your doctor is the best judge for this. Vigorous exercise / high intensity sports is generally not recommended for 3 days at least. Dental implant takes 4-6 months ( 4 months for the lower jaw and 6 months for the upper jaw) to integrate into your body.

4) Can I travel?

Yes, of course! Travelling is always such a bone of contention since many patients assume a week of restriction after this procedure. But that is a myth! Generally speaking , the doctor should see the patient in a couple of days after the procedure for a routine check up, but if one must travel, then a window period of 24-48 hours is recommended. Emergency travel is OK as there is absolutely no negative effect on travelling after treatment.

5) When can I resume regular sex life?

Right away! This procedure rarely causes a barrier for any pleasure. While one can continue a normal sex life but oral related activities can be uncomfortable for about 3-7  days as well as risky as the healing areas in the mouth have a high risk of infection during this period.

In conclusion, Dental implants – no biggie – so if you are waiting to get yours done and wondering about the after effects – well, don’t!