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Some famous people lamented that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Do you think is it true in every sense? The answer is yes. Apart from having beautiful eyes, bold attitude you should also give importance to your smile which would complement the beauty of your pink lips. In one word, you could say that properly aligned teeth enhance the personality as well as the confidence of an individual.


In order, to get such an organized form of teeth you need to get hold of some best professionals who would assure you to give enduring quality service. Hold your breath guys here is good news for you. If you really desire to get the impeccable and mind blowing smile you should definitely come to Aesthetica. It is one of the reputed dental clinics that are situated in Kolkata. They are outstanding as they offer incessant dental service under the supervision of some great professionals who hold the best expertise in such field. In addition to this, they also do undergo facial surgeries in a very hygienic ways.


Take a tour of their prolific array of services like dental crowns, dental bridges, cosmetic dentistry, root canal treatment, teeth whitening, bone grafting, cosmetic jaw type surgeries, laser dentistry, fluoride treating, implantation of the tooth, kids dental treatment, teeth reshaping and aligning, contouring the gum, partial dentures, Last but not the least you could also avail their wisdom tooth removal services.


Hope you are well versed with the aforesaid services.Are you pondering over the expense? Well you should not get on the nerves. Aesthetica provides the best service at a reasonable price. For availing their treatment you need not to run out of your pocket. If you want you could also get prior information from other patients who have already availed their service.


Today they have become the heartthrob amongst all the kolkatans. Above all, Aesthetica is encompassed with various upgraded and robust facilities. They have a well experienced faculty of members including the oral surgeons, orthodontist, periodontitis, endodontist, and prosthodontics. In addition they have also indulged some updated way of treatment like RVG and OPG dental X rays.


Do not think much. If you really witness any kind of dental problem, then you surely come to Aesthetica. People residing in any parts of Kolkata would easily reach as it is situated in the centroid of the city.


You should always keep in your mind that the first impression is the last impression. If you really have any kind of flaws related to your face you should contact Aesthetica without any hesitation. They are your ultimate friend who would escort you to the world of beauty.


You should definitely give an opportunity to your mirror to welcome you with a new aesthetic look. In fact, be the head turner amongst the millions.


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“A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside”.

“A smile is the universal language of kindness”.

“A smile is the universal welcome”….

A beautiful smile can light up a dark room; can wipe out a tensed situation, and even warm up the heart of your closed one. Whenever we meet someone or invite someone at our home, we give smile to make his or her appearance a special one. When we burst out in happiness we spread our lips to give heartiest smile. Smile showcases the inner world of our heart; make people understand that we are happy. A beautiful smile can conquer the whole world, can make impossible to possible. But a beautiful smile needs a healthy mouth which includes aligned teeth. A proper tooth line helps to enhance a smile more impressive, more beautiful. So it’s very easy to understand that a single tooth is even important to make a complete smile. All we know that after a certain age we lost our teeth due to a normal regulation. Even sometimes tooth loss can happen due to some accident or some oral discomfort. It’s really pathetic even shameful to loss tooth or teeth in a young age. Now days it is not at all a problem to get a permanent teeth line. Even people who are of old age can also get back the strength of chewing food, biting hard food stuffs easily. This solution lies in dental implantation. This procedure makes people feel comfort as much as it was before; even it looks like the real teeth and never seems like artificial. A dental implant can be applied both for a single tooth and for set of teeth. This is a permanent treatment and there is no discomfort after the completion of the implantation. After losing tooth or teeth the facial   structure may be damaged due to the incomplete teeth line. Dental implant can regain the original structure leaves it intact as before.

We all know that a healthy mouth needs a healthy care and hygiene. To maintain the oral health we brush our teeth and sometimes use to go to dentists for some special care, but if there is any discomfort regarding tooth loss or pain then we get unable to give proper care or hygiene. After implanting teeth all these problems get easier to move off. Though the procedure is artificial, it never reflects so. The implanted tooth or teeth absolutely give natural feeling and help us in maintaining the hygiene procedure in the most natural way. We can brush, we can wash it off. As the implantation is done from the root so it gives a strong and steady teeth line to get the normal chewing capacity. Thus it is proved that persons getting implanted teeth gain more confident with their modified personality. So don’t delay in getting this service from Aesthetica.

These are the services which are widely practiced in Aesthetica for Dental implants and Smile designing.

  • Gap closure-The ugly gap between two successive teeth is diminished.
  • Instant tooth whitening-Teeth are whitened by using dental bleach.
  • Chipped teeth– Correct, partially broken teeth take the natural way by a process called ‘Bonding’.
  • Veneers– A thin strong shell of tooth colors ceramic to cover stained or misshapen teeth.
  • Zirconia crowns– State of the art material for cosmetic dental treatment.
  • Ceramics – Replaces tooth colored portion of the crown.
  • Laser gum contouring– For gummy smiles or dark gums that show up on smiling are used to enhance ones smile.
  • Computer guided analysis-Smile analysis for advanced cases.
  • Smile makeover– Mixing various above techniques, mainly used as a bridal makeover
  • Surgical smile designing – a quick two hours treatment to settle your smile especially problems of raised teeth, people who cannot close their lips properly due to poor teeth outward projected teeth and excessive show of gums while smiling.

When it comes to smile designing, you would be given some choices. Sometimes, you can select a particular design that matches with a popular figure. However, you need to check whether the celebrity whose smile impress you, has copyrighted his/her smile. Copyrighting smile is a common incident now, as the art of smile designing can now endow anyone with the smile he/she likes. Smile designing in Kolkata however has not become that wide. You may come across some prominent orthodontists who are equipped with the knowledge of the same. Hence, you should be extra careful while selecting the expert who can do the job safely without hampering your face and mouth. For finding out an expert, come into Aesthetica today.

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All women deserve to be appreciated, respected, and admired. When a woman improves her appearance, an amazing thing happens. People begin to pay attention to her, listen to her, seek her company, and ask her opinion. She becomes more confident, and this makes her look even better! As her confidence grows, so does the respect she receives – at work, at home, everywhere. As her insecurity falls away, she becomes more daring, self-assured, and courageous; she finds she can do anything. Her life improves in every way.

Today in society beauty is considered more useful than brains. Beauty is a quality which causes pleasure, admiration or delights the aesthetic sense opposed to brains which portrays intelligence and knowledge. A beautiful person takes pride in appearance, confidence level, and success.

We need to incorporate beauty in everyday life. To some, it may mean wearing beautiful, stylish clothes or it may mean savoring a good glass of wine or beer. To some women, it may mean getting her fingernails done every other week or to dress their hair every day in a new style. There is an endless variety of how humans can seek beauty. This diversity of tastes and preferences results in the rich and varied world around us.

Beauty attracts the whole world. Beauty brings us closer and closer to anything. Beauty has long been recognized as feminine which links women’s value to their beauty and men’s value to other qualities and capabilities. Beauty is an aspect of the divine. Beauty can conquer the whole world and it is alive beyond all the power structures of this world.

Physical beauty of course has been the major factor in explaining beauty or describing the beauty. Yes, outer beauty is responsible for providing a person with more respect and status in society. Outer beauty plays the role of making people feel good and appreciating. We may find a capable and qualified person but if he or she is not having a good look or charming personality then it may appear dull.

Our daily life and beauty are correlated to each other. We all try to make ourselves different from others. We like to beautify each and every stuff of our daily life including our appearances. A beautiful look can conquer a thing easily than others.

Beauty is nature’s tool for survival, because we will protect what we love……………


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