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Implants we use

Implants we use

With various advancements in the technologies used in dentistry, various types of implants have been introduced in dentistry in last few decades. These implants have their own features and their uses vary accordingly. So it’s important to remember that there are various factors which determine the use of a certain kind of dental implant at clinics across the world.For more details,please log in to

At Aesthetica Facial Cosmetic and Dental Implant Clinic the implants used provide best results to the patients. Various patients are satisfied with the work of the dentists and dental staff. The dental implants and related procedures carried out with the patients at our clinic have been explained here for your ease and transparency regarding the clinic and its work.

Basically, 3 types of dental implants are used for the dental implants treatment. Most importantly, one must note that all of these three procedures involve the use of the Keyhole technique for the placement of the implants which is minimally invasive. Therefore all the dental implants are done with care without any excess loss of bone or surrounding structures.

Nobel Biocare is one of the most renowned medical instruments company. We use the dental implant of Nobel Biocare- Sweden- USFDA approved and CE certified. The quality of the implant is the best among the three dental implants we use in our dental clinics. Swedish innovators, Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark and Dr Matts Andersson were the individuals responsible for the creation of Nobel Biocare in the year 1953. Since then it has developed to be the finest dental implant provider to most of the dental clinics across the world. The quality and service of Nobel Biocare is trustworthy. So we believe in using the dental implants of Nobel Biocare. This category of dental implants cost up to 40,000 INR.

Neo-Biotech implants-South Korea is a recent enterprise which provides dental implants based on the requirements of the patient in the case. This ensures that the dental implants are customized and do not involve unnecessary features not required in the case. The products are simple, safe and speedy. This makes various dental clinics to prefer this brand. At our clinic, the procedure with this company’s dental implant will cost up to 30,000 INR. The quality of the products and result of the dental implant procedures are quite appreciating.

Adin implants manufactured by the ADIN Dental Implants Systems Ltd based in Israel have been manufacturing dental implants since last 20 years. Various dentist and dental technicians have been using the Adin implants with great results. The designs are very unique and also the patients feel comfortable and satisfied with the dental implants. The dental implant in this category costs about 20,000 INR.

All of the dental implants used in the dental procedures at our clinic are USFDA approved. So patients can trust the procedures and get satisfactory results from the procedures.

The cost of the dental implants used here is around one-fourth of the total costs charged by the top notch dentists for these dental procedures in developed countries.

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Computer guided Implants

In this modern era of dentistry, every dental procedure has become less time consuming. This leads to the achievement of the results within a shorter period of time. Technology is improving by leaps and bounds. It is used immensely in dentistry so to make the tedious procedure much easier than before.For more details,please log in to

Computer Tomography (CT) is one of the valuable and basic technologies which are on demand nowadays. Even for the dental implant procedure, computer guidance has become a must. Well-developed and advanced dental clinics and hospitals have various types of facilities related to the technology. The computer tomography facility ensures that there is ease in the procedure of dental implant placement in the jaws of the patient. Moreover, patients need not wait for hours or days to get their dental implant treatment done.

One of the most important advantages is that the dentist can easily analyze the position of the dental implant in the patient’s jaw thereby taking the treatment forward. The use of technology provides a sigh of relief for the dentists as they don’t have to approximate the insertion and reaching points of the dental implants. Precise and accurate information can be achieved with the computer tomography. The areas of the jaw and a clear interior view ensure a much better treatment of the patient.

‘Teeth in-an-Hour’ is a modern technique which is time effective and does not have tiring appointments for the procedure. A 3D scan is done so as to monitor the insertion of the dental implant. Also, a highly aesthetic bridge which is non-removable in nature is designed by the dentist. All this is done just before the commencing of the short incision free procedure. There is no loss of bone in the area where the implant is inserted. The implant enters the exact area which is surgically accessed and fits into the space. So there is no requirement of bone reformation around the particular implant. This ensures that the patient can function with mouth just after the treatment is accomplished. This provides a lot of ease to the patient and relief from the post operative difficulties.

The esthetics qualities achieved right from just after the treatment keeps the computer guided implants in one the most recommended dental implants procedure. Even dentists need not have stress and unnecessary conformations regarding the location of the dental implant in the jaws. It becomes a surgical and prosthetic program which enables the dental implant procedure to be accurately accomplished on time. The use of the computer guided implants is entirely dependent on the opinion of the dentist and experience of the dental staff. Many dental offices who cannot afford or do not show genuine interest in the computer tomography, prefer not to implement such types of procedures on the patients. But for an accurate and better treatment accomplishment, computer tomography can be of great benefit to the patients. The lesser number of appointments for the complete procedure make the patients to favor their opinion for the computer guided implants.


Sinus Augmentation

Sinus Augmentation

Sinus augmentation is also known as sinus lift or sinus graft. This is commonly done by the dentists when they are planning a dental implant treatment. Maxillary sinus floor augmentation aims at increasing the volume of the bone present in the maxilla. This is usually targeted in the premolar and molar teeth areas. This leads to the compromising of the maxillary sinus to some extent but then it is of great advantage for implants done in the maxilla. Sinus augmentation is indicated in patients who have lost more than one tooth in the posterior part of the upper jaw. It is also recommended in the cases of loss of excess bone in the posterior upper jaw, teeth missing due to congenital defects and requirement of the strong sinus floor for the multiple implants.For more details,please log in to

Some of the most common materials used in the sinus augmentation are autogenous bone, biomaterials as well as platelet rich fibrin. Autogenous bone is actually bone graft. First the surgeon creates an incision which is the basis of the surgery. Then the surgeon reaches to the lateral wall of the maxillary sinus. From there, the surgeon creates a window and then the membrane is lifted from there. Then the bone graft is inserted through the space. Later, the implant fulfills the space and thus the implant is held properly in the bone. There is another technique which is less invasive. But the augmentation is less effective than the lateral wall of maxillary sinus procedure.

One of the major factors behind the success of the dental implant is the quality and quantity of the bone present for the implant procedure. If the amount of bone present is thin then it can lead to an unsuccessful dental implant. The patient can face a lot of problems after the procedure is done. But if the bone amount in the upper jaw is sufficient then you can have a successful dental implant. These types of dental implants last for more than a decade and provide the best experience to the patient for rest of the life.

Care should be taken by the patient after the procedure. Two sites are to be taken care of i.e. donor site and recipient site. Patient should void blowing at least till a couple of weeks after the surgery. Moreover, if bleeding occurs then dentist should be approached immediately. Proper use of gauge is recommended so as to ensure that there is normal pressure on the area where bone augmentation is done. Nasal discharge is quite common. Traces of blood can be seen sometimes in this discharge. Patient should be following the antibiotic course for the surgery even after that procedure. There should be regular check up appointments set up with the dentist so as to monitor the recovery of the patient. It is preferred to ask the patient to eat before the surgery is done. Also, patient should avoid spitting till next 2-3 days to avoid disturbance to the blood clot formed during the recovery of the patient.




Over dentures are one of the most comfortable in the category of the dental implants this is due to the reason that implants when combined with the dentures and then placed into the mouth will have a firm base. This will prevent the pulling out or shifting of the denture during eating, chewing or any other oral activity.  Patients need not worry about the type of foods they are consuming after the completion of the procedures. One should note that over dentures have been very good option for people facing such kind of problems after dental implant procedures.For more details,please log in to

Overdentures have several benefits which have made it to stand apart in the dental implant category. The digestion ability of the individual is improved when he starts using overdentures. This is due to the improved stability of the denture in the mouth. Thus one can consume nutritious foods easily with the right nutrients thus developing a good health. Overdentures stay intact in the mouth even with or without the dental implants. This leads to stimulation of the jaw bone caused by the over dentures. The overdentures slow the loss or resorption of bone jaw after the teeth is lost. This is of great advantage to the patients who have been edentulous from last few years. Most of the patients who undergo denture treatments complaint that their dentures i.e. removable partial dentures or complete dentures fall from their places in case of upper jaws and keep moving in the lower ones. One of the best alternatives of these dentures is the recommendation and use of the overdentures. It has an appreciable stability in the patient’s mouth.

Conventional dentures such as removable partial dentures, fixed dentures and complete dentures require dental adhesives so that they can be retained in exact positions in the patient’s mouth as per the features of the patient. But in case of the overdentures there is no requirement of such dental adhesives. This is one of the most important reasons because of which most of the patients prefer overdentures over the conventional ones. Overdentures are helpful as they reduce the mental pressures of the patient after the procedure. Aesthetics are one of the main concerns of any dental patient. So with the overdentures, patient is not stressed physically and psychologically. This provides the patient overall satisfaction to the patient after the procedure.

One should first discuss his case with the dentist. This is usually preferred in case of patients who are medically compromised or have some medical complications. In this way, special care should be taken so to keep the treatment smooth and stress free for the patient as well as the dentist. Moreover, one should see that the dentist recommends the overdenture procedure so that the patient gets all the positive things in his treatment and is satisfied by the end of the treatment. The treatment can be done as per the budget and choice of the patient so that the patient does not feel financial burden of the procedure.


All-on-4 Dental Implants

With the growth in the modern dentistry, various new techniques have been devised. All-on-4 implants have been invented to make the experience of the dentures along with the dental implants much easier. Otherwise, just wearing the denture can be troublesome for many of the patients especially while eating foods.For more details,please log in to

All-on-4 dental implants have great advantages over other type of dental implants. This type of implants provide great stability when compared to the other dental implants. Easy chewing abilities are a plus point to this. Also, the appearance of the patient is improved within a shorter period of time which is one of the most important advantages of All-on-4 dental implants. The irregularities caused by the absence of teeth In any of the arches can affect the appearance of the patient.


Full Mouth Reconstruction

The oral cavity consists of various elements which lead to proper functioning of the mouth. Many a times, patients come with several complaints and want all of them to be fixed. In case there are few problems then they can be treated individually. But when there are multiple problems in the mouth of the patient, full mouth reconstruction is suggested. This ensures the treatment of all the problems in the procedure thus providing a better, confident and esthetic look. The reconstructive procedure involves various parts of dentistry like periodontal dentistry, restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery and temporomandibular joint treatments.For more details,please log in to

Restorative dentistry mainly involves restorations, inlays, onlays, bridges and fillings. Implant dentistry involves the placement of a dental implant so as to take the form and function of the lost natural tooth and its root. Cosmetic dentistry consists of the porcelain veneers, dental bonding, teeth whitening and re-countoring of gums. Periodontal dentistry involves scaling, root planning and various gum treatments. Orthodontic treatments like invisalign, braces, spacers, retainers and expanders. Oral surgery involves tooth extractions, soft tissue and graft surgery. These treatments are usually done as per the health status of the patients. So, one should know the importance of each of these treatments, thereby discussing with the dentist and choosing the right treatment for their condition.

These treatments have shown sooner results in the young age group as compared to that of the elderly age group. So the potential is more at a younger age. Also, the patient should thoroughly discuss the case history with the dentist. In case of medical complications, patient should discuss with transparency to ensure proper treatment. Moreover, in case of medically compromised patients the dentist consults with the medical doctor so as to keep the safety of dentist and dental staff. Some of the important medical tests are also done to have correct information of the patients if required by the dentist.

The costs of the full mouth reconstruction vary from dentist to dentist. So, one should first consult with the dentist so as to make it clear that the treatment is done without any doubts left. Various dental insurances have been taking initiative so that dental patients can pay the costs of the dental treatments.

Full mouth reconstruction has provided a lot satisfactory results to dental patients who were disturbed and unsatisfied with their appearance. These procedures improve the aesthetics of the patient without any side effects. The patient regains his confidence and takes it to a new level, thus living freely in the society. One can go for the full mouth reconstruction procedure if there are many dental problems in the patient’s mouth. Moreover, one can trust on this procedure as most of the dental problems are treated in this procedure as a whole. The patients who are being treated with the full mouth reconstruction feel much younger after the treatment. This shows that this procedure has proven results of enhancing the appearance of patient’s face.


Multiple Implants

Multiple Implants

When more than one single tooth is lost then multiple implants are the choice of dental treatment. Whether the loss of the teeth is adjacent or not in sequence multiple implants can be very effective. With the posterior teeth, multiple implants solve the masticatory problems. For the anterior teeth, the multiple implants solve the problems of the aesthetics.For more details ,log in to

Multiple implant bridges are much better than removable partial dentures. Removable partial dentures are one which can be removed by the patient whenever he feels like removing it from the mouth. Multiple implants are the one which cover a number of teeth together. Multiple implants ensure that all the teeth which have lost can be replaced in the implant procedure. Once the implant is placed in the missing teeth area, then the resorption of the bone ceases with time and the implants start functioning properly. This keeps the health of the bone in a proper way and restores the functions of the periodontium.

The aesthetics of the patient will be improved to much higher levels, once multiple implants are placed in the mouth. There is excessive strength in this type of dental procedure as the results are worth appreciating. But in case of the removable partial dentures and similar dental prosthetics the aesthetics are of great concern for the patient. Gums recede and the normal level of the gums surrounding the teeth reduces in the removable partial dentures or fixed bridges. But these structures are preserved when the multiple implants are used. The porcelain or acrylic crowns are accordingly used with the implants to give a natural look to the patient. The results of these procedures are worth appreciating. Most of the times, it is really difficult to distinguish between an implant and a natural tooth. There is proper ability to eat every kind of foods. Patient with dental implants are able to masticate even the hard foods with the placed implant and crown. The combination successfully exists and functions in the patient’s mouth for a span of over a decade. In many cases there are excellent results, with the dental implants functioning very well till the elderly age.

The implant procedure is appreciable as it has almost no side effects due to the biocompatible materials used in its manufacturing. First of all, the implant is placed in the jaw. Then, the implants and the bone of the jaw are allowed to bond together. A temporary teeth replacement is placed on the implant. This forms the base of the final dental implant. After a month, based on the healing the patient is checked. Then, accordingly the implant is checked and therefore extensions are attached if needed. This will be based on the advice of the periodontist. If not then the patient is directly given abutment for the dental implant. This abutment is allowed to function with the metal posts. After some times, the patient is able to smile with confidence and does not have any doubts or hesitations with his appearance or

Single Implants

Single Implants

Most of us, with aging process face lose of teeth. Absence of teeth can lead to lose of comfort to eat food or even can lead to reduction of the confidence in the society. Usually due to many reasons like finance, lack of motivation one does not turn up to the dentist’s office. But in the recent times, dental awareness has been inculcated in various parts of the world. This has lead to more and more individuals take care of their dental health.For more details,please log on to

Usually when an individual misses a single tooth, there is a gap in the area concerned. If the tooth is missing from the front i.e. the anterior part of the mouth then the aesthetics of the smile are concerned, whereas if the tooth is missing from the back i.e. posterior tooth then the masticatory or the chewing difficulties arises with the patient. Few decades back, a fixed bridge for the missing tooth was the only solution. But with the improvement in the dental technology and various techniques introduced in recent years, the single implants have come up as an easy solution.

Single implants are the least complicated type of implants. This is due to the reason that only one tooth area has to be replaced by the dental implant. Most of the patients do not realize the importance of the single implants due to the number of the lost teeth. But due to the lose of the teeth the tissues become loose and the adjacent teeth shift from their anatomical position. This usually is common in the posterior teeth. In the anterior teeth the aesthetics tend to convince the patient to take a proper dental treatment with single implant.

When a single implant is placed in the area of lost tooth, the tissues around the implant get support and don’t loosen. Even the adjacent natural teeth remain at their original position and ensure that they function at their optimum levels like they did before. Also the single implants are biocompatible since the component of the implant i.e. titanium does not cause any kind of reaction with the oral tissues of the mouth. A single implant is absolutely a boon for such patients as it also provides base to the acrylic r porcelain teeth for proper aesthetics to the smile.

One of the most important advantages of single implant is that the adjacent teeth to the lost tooth are not at all affected by the single implant procedure. In the fixed bridges, the adjacent teeth are grounded according to the requirement of the acrylic tooth. So in the modern dentistry, single implants have gained demand as well as patient satisfaction for the implant treatment in the prosthodontics. Moreover, it is an economical solution for occupying the gap created by the lost tooth.

Once the implant is placed in the jaw bone, it is allowed to heal for around 5 months. During this period of time, a temporary crown is placed. Then, after this time period a permanent crown is placed thus completing the procedure.