Computer guided Implants

In this modern era of dentistry, every dental procedure has become less time consuming. This leads to the achievement of the results within a shorter period of time. Technology is improving by leaps and bounds. It is used immensely in dentistry so to make the tedious procedure much easier than before.For more details,please log in to

Computer Tomography (CT) is one of the valuable and basic technologies which are on demand nowadays. Even for the dental implant procedure, computer guidance has become a must. Well-developed and advanced dental clinics and hospitals have various types of facilities related to the technology. The computer tomography facility ensures that there is ease in the procedure of dental implant placement in the jaws of the patient. Moreover, patients need not wait for hours or days to get their dental implant treatment done.

One of the most important advantages is that the dentist can easily analyze the position of the dental implant in the patient’s jaw thereby taking the treatment forward. The use of technology provides a sigh of relief for the dentists as they don’t have to approximate the insertion and reaching points of the dental implants. Precise and accurate information can be achieved with the computer tomography. The areas of the jaw and a clear interior view ensure a much better treatment of the patient.

‘Teeth in-an-Hour’ is a modern technique which is time effective and does not have tiring appointments for the procedure. A 3D scan is done so as to monitor the insertion of the dental implant. Also, a highly aesthetic bridge which is non-removable in nature is designed by the dentist. All this is done just before the commencing of the short incision free procedure. There is no loss of bone in the area where the implant is inserted. The implant enters the exact area which is surgically accessed and fits into the space. So there is no requirement of bone reformation around the particular implant. This ensures that the patient can function with mouth just after the treatment is accomplished. This provides a lot of ease to the patient and relief from the post operative difficulties.

The esthetics qualities achieved right from just after the treatment keeps the computer guided implants in one the most recommended dental implants procedure. Even dentists need not have stress and unnecessary conformations regarding the location of the dental implant in the jaws. It becomes a surgical and prosthetic program which enables the dental implant procedure to be accurately accomplished on time. The use of the computer guided implants is entirely dependent on the opinion of the dentist and experience of the dental staff. Many dental offices who cannot afford or do not show genuine interest in the computer tomography, prefer not to implement such types of procedures on the patients. But for an accurate and better treatment accomplishment, computer tomography can be of great benefit to the patients. The lesser number of appointments for the complete procedure make the patients to favor their opinion for the computer guided implants.