Full Mouth Reconstruction

The oral cavity consists of various elements which lead to proper functioning of the mouth. Many a times, patients come with several complaints and want all of them to be fixed. In case there are few problems then they can be treated individually. But when there are multiple problems in the mouth of the patient, full mouth reconstruction is suggested. This ensures the treatment of all the problems in the procedure thus providing a better, confident and esthetic look. The reconstructive procedure involves various parts of dentistry like periodontal dentistry, restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery and temporomandibular joint treatments.For more details,please log in to http://www.aesthetica.co.in

Restorative dentistry mainly involves restorations, inlays, onlays, bridges and fillings. Implant dentistry involves the placement of a dental implant so as to take the form and function of the lost natural tooth and its root. Cosmetic dentistry consists of the porcelain veneers, dental bonding, teeth whitening and re-countoring of gums. Periodontal dentistry involves scaling, root planning and various gum treatments. Orthodontic treatments like invisalign, braces, spacers, retainers and expanders. Oral surgery involves tooth extractions, soft tissue and graft surgery. These treatments are usually done as per the health status of the patients. So, one should know the importance of each of these treatments, thereby discussing with the dentist and choosing the right treatment for their condition.

These treatments have shown sooner results in the young age group as compared to that of the elderly age group. So the potential is more at a younger age. Also, the patient should thoroughly discuss the case history with the dentist. In case of medical complications, patient should discuss with transparency to ensure proper treatment. Moreover, in case of medically compromised patients the dentist consults with the medical doctor so as to keep the safety of dentist and dental staff. Some of the important medical tests are also done to have correct information of the patients if required by the dentist.

The costs of the full mouth reconstruction vary from dentist to dentist. So, one should first consult with the dentist so as to make it clear that the treatment is done without any doubts left. Various dental insurances have been taking initiative so that dental patients can pay the costs of the dental treatments.

Full mouth reconstruction has provided a lot satisfactory results to dental patients who were disturbed and unsatisfied with their appearance. These procedures improve the aesthetics of the patient without any side effects. The patient regains his confidence and takes it to a new level, thus living freely in the society. One can go for the full mouth reconstruction procedure if there are many dental problems in the patient’s mouth. Moreover, one can trust on this procedure as most of the dental problems are treated in this procedure as a whole. The patients who are being treated with the full mouth reconstruction feel much younger after the treatment. This shows that this procedure has proven results of enhancing the appearance of patient’s face.