Multiple Implants

When more than one single tooth is lost then multiple implants are the choice of dental treatment. Whether the loss of the teeth is adjacent or not in sequence multiple implants can be very effective. With the posterior teeth, multiple implants solve the masticatory problems. For the anterior teeth, the multiple implants solve the problems of the aesthetics.For more details ,log in to

Multiple implant bridges are much better than removable partial dentures. Removable partial dentures are one which can be removed by the patient whenever he feels like removing it from the mouth. Multiple implants are the one which cover a number of teeth together. Multiple implants ensure that all the teeth which have lost can be replaced in the implant procedure. Once the implant is placed in the missing teeth area, then the resorption of the bone ceases with time and the implants start functioning properly. This keeps the health of the bone in a proper way and restores the functions of the periodontium.

The aesthetics of the patient will be improved to much higher levels, once multiple implants are placed in the mouth. There is excessive strength in this type of dental procedure as the results are worth appreciating. But in case of the removable partial dentures and similar dental prosthetics the aesthetics are of great concern for the patient. Gums recede and the normal level of the gums surrounding the teeth reduces in the removable partial dentures or fixed bridges. But these structures are preserved when the multiple implants are used. The porcelain or acrylic crowns are accordingly used with the implants to give a natural look to the patient. The results of these procedures are worth appreciating. Most of the times, it is really difficult to distinguish between an implant and a natural tooth. There is proper ability to eat every kind of foods. Patient with dental implants are able to masticate even the hard foods with the placed implant and crown. The combination successfully exists and functions in the patient’s mouth for a span of over a decade. In many cases there are excellent results, with the dental implants functioning very well till the elderly age.

The implant procedure is appreciable as it has almost no side effects due to the biocompatible materials used in its manufacturing. First of all, the implant is placed in the jaw. Then, the implants and the bone of the jaw are allowed to bond together. A temporary teeth replacement is placed on the implant. This forms the base of the final dental implant. After a month, based on the healing the patient is checked. Then, accordingly the implant is checked and therefore extensions are attached if needed. This will be based on the advice of the periodontist. If not then the patient is directly given abutment for the dental implant. This abutment is allowed to function with the metal posts. After some times, the patient is able to smile with confidence and does not have any doubts or hesitations with his appearance or