Single Implants

Most of us, with aging process face lose of teeth. Absence of teeth can lead to lose of comfort to eat food or even can lead to reduction of the confidence in the society. Usually due to many reasons like finance, lack of motivation one does not turn up to the dentist’s office. But in the recent times, dental awareness has been inculcated in various parts of the world. This has lead to more and more individuals take care of their dental health.For more details,please log on to

Usually when an individual misses a single tooth, there is a gap in the area concerned. If the tooth is missing from the front i.e. the anterior part of the mouth then the aesthetics of the smile are concerned, whereas if the tooth is missing from the back i.e. posterior tooth then the masticatory or the chewing difficulties arises with the patient. Few decades back, a fixed bridge for the missing tooth was the only solution. But with the improvement in the dental technology and various techniques introduced in recent years, the single implants have come up as an easy solution.

Single implants are the least complicated type of implants. This is due to the reason that only one tooth area has to be replaced by the dental implant. Most of the patients do not realize the importance of the single implants due to the number of the lost teeth. But due to the lose of the teeth the tissues become loose and the adjacent teeth shift from their anatomical position. This usually is common in the posterior teeth. In the anterior teeth the aesthetics tend to convince the patient to take a proper dental treatment with single implant.

When a single implant is placed in the area of lost tooth, the tissues around the implant get support and don’t loosen. Even the adjacent natural teeth remain at their original position and ensure that they function at their optimum levels like they did before. Also the single implants are biocompatible since the component of the implant i.e. titanium does not cause any kind of reaction with the oral tissues of the mouth. A single implant is absolutely a boon for such patients as it also provides base to the acrylic r porcelain teeth for proper aesthetics to the smile.

One of the most important advantages of single implant is that the adjacent teeth to the lost tooth are not at all affected by the single implant procedure. In the fixed bridges, the adjacent teeth are grounded according to the requirement of the acrylic tooth. So in the modern dentistry, single implants have gained demand as well as patient satisfaction for the implant treatment in the prosthodontics. Moreover, it is an economical solution for occupying the gap created by the lost tooth.

Once the implant is placed in the jaw bone, it is allowed to heal for around 5 months. During this period of time, a temporary crown is placed. Then, after this time period a permanent crown is placed thus completing the procedure.