Dental implants have a great demand among the patients who are genuinely concerned of their aesthetics and functions of teeth. So, nowadays a variety of dental implants are introduced in the market, so as to ensure that the patients are served with the required quality of the implants.For more details,please log in to

Keyhole implants are also known as flapless implants. When a dentist is confident about doing the placement of the implant without involving the flap in the procedure then keyhole procedure is done. In this the dentist first confirms the amount of bone present in the area where he plans for the implant. This is done with the help of a CT scan. In case the CT scan shows that the area in the mouth is fine for the keyhole procedure then the dentist will proceed with the procedure.

Keyhole implant is more affordable than a typical procedure done for a dental implant placement in a patient’s mouth. Moreover, it is more time saving for a dentist as well as the patients. These types of implants are useful and preferred as they have got a self tapping property. So once the keyhole implant is inserted in the jaw bone of the patient at the particular place, the implant starts functioning. They place themselves at the appropriate position so that they can replace the functioning on natural tooth. Nowadays, it is considered that the keyhole implants are more long lasting and durable than the conventional ones.  Keyhole implants are also known as mini dental implants. When they are used along with the dentures in the patient’s mouth then the stabilization of the denture is quite quick and patient can eat and talk with ease.

Moreover, the cost of the keyhole implants is approximately half of that of the conventional ones. So patients with a limited dental treatment budget or less funds can opt for this treatment. There is no requirement of the surgical intervention in the placement of the keyhole implant. The bone utilized for the keyhole implant placement is much less than that required in the other implant placement. The components present in this type of the implants consists not only titanium but also a blend of other metals which makes this implant stronger than other implants.

The success rate which has been recorded in the recent years for the keyhole implants has improved a lot. So patients are also choosing this type for their dental treatment. Even when the bone condition is not good in the patient’s mouth the keyhole implant procedure is used. When there is excessive bone resorption in the mouth, the keyhole implant can be placed easily without creating any kind of complications. Then the teeth are fixed as per the facial structure and color of the teeth. In this way, dental implants are in demand nowadays in the form of the solution to the missing teeth. So, dental implants are long lasting and trustworthy solution for missing teeth in today’s world.