Root Canal

Root canal is an endodontic procedure which is carried when there is excessive pain in the patients’ tooth and it cannot be treated with a simple cavity preparation and filling. It is famously known as ‘RCT’. Some of the common causes of the root canal procedures are difficulty and pain on chewing food, swelling around the tooth, inability to tolerate extreme hold or cold stimulus conditions and tooth affected by trauma. Root canal is a good option for the extraction of teeth as it saves the teeth as well as reliefs the pain. Root Canal is accompanied by cavity filling later. First a cavity is prepared, the root canal procedure is carried out and finally the restoration of the cavity is done. If patient is concerned about the esthetics of the tooth then the crown for particular teeth can be done.For more details,please log in to

Root canal procedures are carried out by trained dental specialists. Usually a root canal procedure for a single tooth is done in 30 minutes. So, one can see that the procedure is not tiring and takes the average time for the dentist to complete it successfully. If the patient has no more time then one can have more than one tooth’s root canal treatment in one appointment.

The procedure is quite less time consuming. Firstly, an opening is created in the tooth to enter into the teeth. This is done either from the back of the anterior teeth or from the occlusal area of the molar or premolar teeth. Then, pulpectomy is done in order to remove the pulp affected in the teeth. After this, proper cleaning is done. The cleaning is done mainly of the root canals and the pulp chambers. If the filling is not possible in first appointment then the patient is recalled for another appointment. Then in the next appointment the temporary filling or restoration is removed. A material known as gutta-percha is inserted and then the pulp chamber is sealed with cement. Gutta-percha is rubbery and tapered in nature. Many a times, in order to support this material a plastic or metal rod is inserted. Finally, the permanent restoration is done. Usually a patient prefers for the crown to be placed on the tooth treated with root canal treatment. Few appointments will be needed after the root canal treatment to get the tooth corrected if required and crown fixed on the tooth.

Proper care must be taken for the treated tooth as the caries can occur or reoccur in the particular teeth. As there is no pulp present alive inside the teeth, so it is important to understand that the teeth can fracture. This is the reason that regular dental check ups and proper oral care are recommended to patients treated with root canal treatment. The dentist will tell the patient the condition of the teeth after the treatment with the help of an X-ray. The amount of bone present before and after the treatment is also compared and decided with the help of before and after treatment x-rays.root_canal