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Wisdom teeth are one of the most posterior teeth present in the oral cavity. It is also called as third molar based on the position in the oral cavity. It can erupt in all the four quadrants in an individual. But it’s not necessary for all the four teeth to erupt. Many a times some extra teeth also erupt in the oral cavity which is known as supernumerary teeth. Wisdom teeth usually erupt in the oral cavity in between the age of 17 to 25 years. Most of the patients’ with the complaint of the pain in the wisdom teeth area usually lie in this age group.For more details,please log in to www.aesthetica.co.in

Usually one can see that most of the wisdom teeth are recommended by dentists for extraction. This is due to the reason that most of the wisdom teeth erupt in the direction towards the tooth already present. This can be diagnosed in the radiographs.  A lot of pain occurs in the particular area. This pain is many times unbearable for the patient. Usually patients want to get rid of this pain with pain killers but this actually acts as a temporary removal of the pain. The wisdom teeth will trouble till it is tactfully extracted from the area by an experienced oral surgeon or dentist. The extraction of an impacted wisdom tooth is much more complex than that of a normal wisdom tooth. So the expertise for the former procedure is more experienced and knowledgeable. Bone damage is at risk at the time of the extraction of the impacted tooth due to its complex procedure. The longer is the time of the pain existing in and around the wisdom tooth.

Most of the patients are curious to know about the signs of the eruption of the wisdom tooth. The pain in this case is behind the two molars in the back area of the mouth. When the tooth erupts, the area turns red, swollen as well as tender when the patient touches the area. Pus is also secreted in the area of the wisdom tooth. Many patients have bad smell in the mouth especially after waking up from sleep in the morning. Many a times, it happens that there are no appreciative signs in the patient at the time of the eruption of the tooth. It is recommended by the dentists that a patient who feels pain all the time or during mastication. It has also been said that there is a link in between the eruption of the wisdom teeth and headache. When the tooth erupts, during that phase the radiating pain affects the jaws as well as causes headache in some of the patients. So when a person has regular headache with some oral changes then he is recommended to visit a dentist.  Pericoronitis is the infection caused around a wisdom tooth which has not erupted and embedded in the gums. Some of the serious symptoms are swelling of the involved area, muscle spasms as well as swelling of the lymph nodes under chin.

Wisdom teeth removal is the best solution so that the occlusion is not affected and infection does not spread. Pericoronitis does not reoccur once the causative tooth is extracted.