Gum Treatment

With the changes of the lifestyle in the recent times, the oral hygiene and maintenance has changed a lot. Most of the patients are unable to take proper care of the oral cavity especially that of the periodontal health which mainly includes the gums around the teeth.For more details,please log in to

Gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis can be treated in a proper way with the help of the surgical as well as no surgical treatment. The non surgical ones are the basic ones which are recommended by the dentists. This includes scaling and root planning, utilization of the proper brushing techniques, mouth washes, use of other dental cleaning aids like dental floss. Surgical ones are the periodontal therapies like flap surgeries, soft tissue and bone grafts, tissue regeneration in the guided way and bone surgery. Scaling and root planning are one of the most common and basic gum treatments till date. The etiologic factors like plaque and calculus are removed from the periodontium with the help of these procedures. Regular follow ups and treating at right time is essential to keep the periodontium healthy. If a patient has a poor oral health then the number of dental visits every year is increased every year. By following this pattern the patient will be able to have healthy gums. When scaling and root planning are not sufficient to remove the plaque and calculus, then flap surgery is done. A part of the gums is cut and raised to clean the plaque and calculus below it. This also removes the possible bacterial growth from the area. Then the gums are placed back to the original position. Bone grafting is done in case there is excessive bone loss with the loss of attachment. The bone fragments are taken from the patient himself. Soft tissue grafting is done in the case of gingival recession. The areas with loss of gums are treated with this procedure.

Some of the important mouthwashes one can use are Chlorhexidine and PerioGard. Many of the dental products are launched but then make sure that your dentist recommends the dental product for you. Fluoride containing toothpaste should be used. In case the water you consume is more in fluoride content then you can consult your dentist for the solution as well as the remedy of the fluoride caused dental problems. Triclosan is a tooth paste which is known to control plaque and reduce the progress of gingivitis. The etiological factors are well controlled by such dental products.

The dentist makes sure that the patient is physically and mentally fit to undergo the treatment. So, the dentist gets information regarding the patient’s health from his physician whenever required. Local anesthetics are injected in order to numb the senses of the particular area. This ensures that the patient is free from pain at the time of surgeries and whenever necessity of anesthesia is felt by the dentist. Patients with systemic diseases are taken special care.gallery1 periodontal-treatment-Page