Crowns(dental caps) and bridges are one of the most commonly done dental treatments across the world. The popularity of them has increased in the recent decades. Basically, they are artificial alternatives of the natural crowns of natural teeth.
Crowns and bridges are usually accompanied by a dental implant. When a dental implant is placed in patient’s mouth then crowns are placed on them to fill the area of the missing teeth. Crowns are one of the preferred methods after the cavity has been prepared and filled. They provide a proper esthetic property to the particular tooth which has undergone excess tooth loss for caries removal. Crowns are made up of various materials like porcelain, zirconia, porcelain fused to metal and CAM CAM fabricated crowns. More info on

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Bridges are the dental restorations which built to replace the missing tooth. They are fixed permanently with the adjacent natural tooth structure. These are the structures which are useful when one is not willing to get individual crown done. The bridges are fabricated properly as per the requirement of the patient. Most of the dental procedure results are actually customized as the every patient has his own unique features of the face. So bridges especially for front teeth are made in such a way that all the requirements are fulfilled.
Every patient is treated with special care. In the placement of the crowns, there is no loss of the teeth structures adjacent to the tooth on which the procedure is done. In case of the bridges, some part of the adjacent tooth structures is removed. Bridges are available for more than two teeth together. Nowadays, CAD-CAM technology is being used on a large scale in order to make the process easier. Full dental bridges are being manufactured with the help of CAD-CAM technology. For the single ones, the lost wax technique is used. This is helpful for the bridge to be properly adjusted with the adjacent teeth without changing the occlusion of the teeth.
With the increase in the dental technology, one should realize that the time required for each dental procedure has reduced a lot. Many of the crowns and bridges procedures are completed in two to three appointments. This ensures that the patient is not troubled for the repeated visits to the clinic. In the first appointment, the aims and results of the bridge procedure is discussed. With this, the abutment teeth are prepared. The part of the teeth is removed. The impression of the patient is taken. Accordingly, the temporary bridge is prepared. The impression cast acts as a model in the absence of a patient. Then the fabrication is done. In the next appointment the temporary bridge is inserted. Then in the subsequent appointments the porcelain, gold or porcelain fused to metal bridges are prepared as per patient’s demand and budget. Then, the particular tooth is checked for the placement and functioning of the bridge. Once the patient is able to able to perform proper oral activity in the presence of the bridge, the dentist finally completes the procedure. Later regular visits are advised to check the functioning of the bridge.