We all crave for a glowing and beautiful skin forever. Although it is next to impossible to have a youthful and glowing skin for the entire life but we try to maintain it as much as possible. We try to look glamorous in our day to day life, as much as possible and hence we demand for a spotless and hair free skin. We have already noticed that unwanted hair growth has always been a huge problem, in fact uncomfortable in everyday life. We get irritated with this problem especially those are on the facial area.  There are a few homely remedies to get rid of unwanted hairs such as threading, shaving, waxing or even trimming. But any of these are not a compact and proper solution for unwanted hairs; they only give you temporary solution. Regular application of these procedures often leaves scars or spots or dark patches on the particular skin area. It gives a dull look and restricts the enhancement of a glowing skin.

Some years back people were not at all aware of this problem but as days are passing by, people are getting conscious of their personality. Leading life with busy schedules, people often get time to frequent the parlor to remove unwanted hairs. Even the above mentioned homely procedures are enough painful to tolerate and sometimes they cause rashes or other skin irritations. But the time has come to turn around and look forward for a permanent solution. The solution lies with laser hair removal treatment. The most modern, convenient and increasingly popular technique is permanent hair removal by laser technology.

It has mostly been noticed that facial hairs are the most problematic enough to get rid of. The areas those are usually kept uncovered require a hair free smooth skin. Laser therapy can be applied on the below mentioned areas:

  • Upper lip area
  • Chin area
  • cheek are
  • top of fingers and toes
  • legs
  • under arms
  • hands

Laser is a beam of light of particular wavelength.  Specific wavelength of laser is used for specific purpose.  For hair removal infrared laser beams are used which are highly effective and absolutely safe.  The laser beams are selectively absorbed by the hair and the transmitted heat generated by it reaches the fair follicles scorching and destroying them permanently.  Hair can never again grow from those follicles.

With the ND: YAG technology that is being commonly used repeated sessions are required to achieve maximum removal.  It is because the laser is unable to reach all follicles at one go, because many follicles are in a dormant state so that they escape the effect of the laser.  So, repeat session at a later date, when the follicles come to an active state, is required to eliminate these follicles. Aesthetica Clinic is the pioneer in the usage of ND: YAG Laser technology which have highly success rate.  This has a safer and better result and is particularly suited to all skin types. Please visit today to have a flawless and hairless skin.

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